Exquisite Scandinavian purity.


Our vodka production follows a Scandinavian style, where every detail matters. We are dedicated to quality and innovation, striving to combine traditional methods with modern technology. Carefully selected ingredients and meticulous control over the distillation and filtration process allow us to create vodka of unparalleled quality. Each bottle embodies the elegance and purity of northern culture, making it the perfect choice for connoisseurs of refined alcoholic beverages.


Trading House AV is a strong and experienced distributor of premium alcohol brands in Ukraine, with a well-established reputation over time. Their reliable and extensive distribution network directly supplies to over 40,000 retail outlets across the country, fulfilling their responsibilities even in times of conflict. Their rich and unique experience in the alcohol market, coupled with impressive sales figures for well-known and consumer-favored Ukrainian brands like GreenDay, Villa UA, ADJARI, and HELSINKI, positions the company as one of the most powerful players in the industry.


Export Department